heyo y'all! it's Xenon here to announce a new update to Creature Creation Station~

Play now!

A short list of the many new features:
🐈 Pick up your creations and drag them around with right click!
🐈 Use the whistle button to arrange all your creations in the center!
🐈 Cute new paw cursor!
🐈 17 new body features!
🐈 A ton of new randomized name options
🐈 Added blob shadows under creatures and lil dust particles when they run
🐈 On feature change, a Sparkle particle effect and animation play
🐈 … and much more!

View the full changelog on itch: Grab 'Em Update! version 0.4 changelog

Thanks for your continued support and patience!! 💜 And PLEASE show me your new creations!!! You can just reply to this email if you like :)

that's all for now! i'm hard at work getting ready for the Dreamhack Dallas Indie Playground at the end of May, so hope to see you there if you're going!


Xenon Fossil Games