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heyo y'all! it's Xenon here with a little update on how things are going here at the studio~

Wishlist on Steam

i've been hard at work on an update to CCS! i'm hoping to get version 0.4 out on itch and as a demo on steam very soon. here's some lil peeks at some of the new options that will be available!

i tabled at TinyCon recently and was inspired to make some physical copies of the game in little cassette cases! i'm dubbing them zettes, for zines in a cassette :D

i'll be bringing some to the artist alley at Texas Furry Fiesta this year. I hope to see you there :>

i'm really proud of how they came out, and want to share the knowledge on how to make one, so you can check out my latest blog post if you wanna make your own, or you're just interested in the process:

New Blog Post: Making a Physical Copy of My Game

that's all for now! i'll let you know when the 0.4 update is out and ready to create in 💪


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