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Face Features Implemented Update! version 0.2 changelog

update 0.2

Current Features:

  • Spin your creation around with arrow keys or the buttons
  • 9 different sliders to change body proportions
  • 14 different total body features to choose from
  • 18 different facial feature sliders
  • 200+ different facial features to choose from
  • Change body color and face features colors
  • See how your creation walks and runs
  • Type in a name or randomize one for you
  • Save and load your creations, and delete them if needed


  • Buttons added to show animations for idle, walk, and run
  • Rotation buttons added so you don’t just have to use keyboard arrows
  • When you are editing the face or head, the camera will zoom in on the head so you can see it better
  • FACE FEATURES!! You can adjust color, position, size, spacing, and rotation of eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth! There are 20-30 different options per feature as well 🙂
  • WebGL build up and running! Play in your browser!


  • Shading is now fully flat and does not take skybox lighting that was forming a gradient on each part of the model
  • No longer loading in all models/assets at once to memory ðŸĪŠ
  • Fixed a bug causing the default traits to get overridden by the last save data entry.


  • Added version number to the save files in case I need to ever import older save files to match a newer version.