D2D Services

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~ Current Services ~

  • Zette Making
  • Stickers & small plush making
  • Merch Sourcing
  • Fulfillment

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Xenon Fossil's Fulfillment Service

I can fulfill items and handle customer service for you!

Contact/Inquire: fulfillment@xenonfossil.games

Costs: 30% cut of sales

Setup fees (optional):

  • $300 one-time blank-slate store setup fee, includes 5 free listings
  • $10-$20 per listing after that, or for existing/self-setup stores

Fulfillment resume:

I handle fulfillment for my own art studio, freshhotflavors.com

I have been running my own online store since 2012, and have 13+ years customer service and fulfillment experience!

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